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Price Chiropractic & Fitness | Naomi Wheatley, RMT

Naomi Wheatley, RMT

Naomi Wheatley, RMT

Helping the Body Heal

Naomi is excited to join Price Health. She graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy with honours and certificates in hospital and sports outreach. Naomi believes that the body has a natural instinct to repair itself but that we must work with our bodies to achieve this overall health. Massage therapy is an ideal avenue to do this. It promotes physical as well as mental and emotional health, all which are essential to a dynamic lifestyle.

Treatment Style

Her treatments include general Swedish techniques, trigger point therapy, fascial manipulation and stretching. Usually of a moderate pressure, this can always be adjusted to your comfort level. She also has an interest in breast massage which can include manual lymph drainage. This can be beneficial to anyone experiencing restrictions in the chest wall from scar tissue or congestion. This can be due to circumstances such as a surgery, pregnancy or hormonal cycles. She believes that everyone can benefit from having massage therapy and prides herself on providing her clients with a safe and comfortable environment.

Choosing Massage Therapy

Naomi has always been interested in how the body works. During her years in synchronized swimming as an athlete and coach she was intrigued by how the body functioned and adapted. This led her to an interest in how the body heals. Naomi enjoys that with massage therapy we are always learning and that each body has a different story.

Outside of the Clinic

In her off time, Naomi likes to stay active while always having fun. She instructs Refit, a dance fitness program, at a local youth center. She loves being outside and recently climbed her first mountain, Gros Morne in Newfoundland.