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Create Your Own Group Class

Mid-day Corporate Rejuvenation Fitness Classes

What is it?

We are offering mid-day circuit style fitness classes, providing an energy break for you to step away from your desk with your colleagues and have some fun. Our lunch time bootcamps are just the thing to refresh your body and mind, so you can go back to work feeling energized, awake and productive. We are just around the corner from your business making it quick and easy.

Our workouts are specifically designed to be 45 minutes in length, and include strength training, functional training and endurance training so you get maximum benefit in a very short amount of time.

We have showers that allow you to freshen up and return to work feeling great!! Look great, feel great without adding more time to your schedule.

Why should you do it?

Working out mid-day gives you that energy boost you need to be productive for the rest of the day. Research shows that your productivity drops dramatically in the afternoon versus the morning. We mentally start running out of gas. This bootcamp is fun, energetic and will get your heart rate pumping so you go back to the office feeling refreshed, awake, energized and productive.

Fits your schedule

This mid-day workout also allows you to get fit without adding time to your busy schedule.

Many people force themselves to get up early, or stay after work which causes them to miss out on sleep, family time or social time. Now you don’t have to get up early, and you can go straight home to spend time doing what you want to do because you have gotten your workout in at lunch time already. This allows you to fit your workout into your busy schedule without adding extra stress and hassle to life. It is a win-win!!

Our expert fitness coaches will help you get fit, lose weight, and feel better in our energetic and fun circuit style fitness classes. We help you accomplish your goals without increasing stress or time on your lifestyle.

When is it?

We offer these 45 minute classes at multiple times throughout the week. Typically these classes are scheduled between and 11 and 2 most days. Please call 519-885-5433 for more information or to register your group, or you can email our Fitness Manager

Who is it for?

Get a group of colleagues together and create your own class. We will create a class just for your group. Have fun with 6-12 of your favorite co-workers or friends!

These classes are designed for the busy person who wants to workout, but has trouble finding the time. When your fitness adds stress to your life, this is the opposite of what it should be doing. We want to help you fit it all in easily. We design our classes so that people of all skill levels love them. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to working out (again) or if you have been at it for a while – we design the class to meet you at your level.

Are you looking to lose weight? Feel better about yourself? Boost your energy? These mid-day classes are just the rejuvenating boost you need.

How much does it cost?

Ask how your workplace can pay for the class as part of our FREE workplace wellness program (we bring fun and educational lunch and learns to your workplace to teach the best health habits). We can organize a class JUST FOR YOUR WORKPLACE… so it is only you and your colleagues having fun together. We can also provide a package directly for your group. Pricing varies depending not the number of participants.

If you have any questions please call 519-885-5433 or email our Fitness Manager Bryan at
Start feeling better today! Call 519-885-5433 or email