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Price Chiropractic & Fitness is offering a fun and unique blend of Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes at our brand new training studio and facility. Read our Letter from the Owners to learn more about our services, our philosophy and what makes our fitness classes unique.

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No matter what your goal is our personalized programs can help you!

  • Weight loss
  • Performance improvement
  • Lifestyle enhancement

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“The trainers are exceptional, the workouts are designed for maximum effectiveness, the time flies by, and we laugh almost as much as we sweat. I feel great – and I’ve never looked better. Over the years, I’ve paid for gym memberships, boot camps, personal trainers and classes of every description, but there’s just no comparison. PRICE FIT CLUB is the best there is.”

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Meet Our Fitness Coaches

The Price Chiropractic & Fitness Assessment:

We need to know where you want to take your fitness before we can help you find the best way to get there. We design a blue print just for you! This plan is tailored to meet your individual goals based on your specific needs.

During your individualized assessment we learn about your health history, past injuries and training experience along with your fitness goals. We also take you through a range of motion and flexibility evaluation called the Functional Movement Screen that takes you through basic movements to assess what your program requirements are. Through our assessment we will learn about any imbalances you may have that could eventually lead to injury.

Our Personal Training System

Kettlebel-course-pick-325The Price Fitness System makes us completely different from any other club or personal training you may have experienced. We have developed a system that takes the guesswork and trial-and-error out of reaching your goals and puts the science back in. We provide a complete training system and a highly qualified fitness coach who will personally walk you through every step of the way on the path toward achieving your personal goals. One size does not fit all! Just as we all require a specific shoe size, we all require a specific program. Everyone has specific goals and a specific body. For customized results you need a customized program. We can develop a customized approach to whatever your fitness needs are!

Our Group Fitness Classes (Bootcamps)

Are you ready for something different? In our constant journey to provide the best health and fitness experience Price Chiropractic and Fitness is bringing the hottest fitness craze to Waterloo. Price Chiropractic & Fitness is excited to announce our new Group Fitness Coaching Classes.

Our Group Fitness Coaching Classes combine training with weights with short bursts of cardio fitness. We simultaneously incorporate core exercises within the workout to maximize time. This brings the best of both worlds together for a fun and challenging workout. Your muscles get stronger, your cardiovascular fitness improves and you burn calories more efficiently than any other type of training! This is how we help you transform your body!

This new concept is set-up in group classes with certified instructors using tools including kettlebells, sand bags, ropes, medicine balls, TRX’s and other fun, different equipment. This type of training is a great way to shake things up and give you a full body workout, burn a ton of calories, and get your metabolism going.

Looking for Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes (Bootcamps), in Waterloo? Call Price Chiropractic & Fitness at (519) 885-5433 to get started today!