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Get Your Hips Moving With This Amazing Golf Warmup

Stork turns












Golf is BACK!

Courses are open again and Dr. Rob wants to share the best warm-up you can do before your round or if your hips are a little achy today!

This easy exercise can be done on the tee block and helps groove your swing for the perfect, pain free shot. Even if you’re not planning on picking up the clubs this summer, your hips will thank you with this exercise.

Stork Turns

  • Use a golf club or wall for balance as you stand on one foot with the other foot lifted off the ground like a stork.
  • Rotate back and forth using your hips as far as you can in each direction 10 times.
  • Make sure your upper body stays steady throughout the movement.
  • Repeat on the other side.

This exercise is so awesome because it loosens up tight hips which can help take pressure off your low back. When our hips don’t move well, our low backs tend to pick up the slack which can lead to low back pain over time. Incorporating hip stretches and mobility into your daily routine can help with back pain.

This stretch is also amazing for golfers because it helps prime your body to move through your hips during your golf swing. This is especially helpful if you tend to hook your shot!

If you want to get your hips or the rest of your body moving, come see one of our amazing therapists for specific stretches and exercises to improve your golf swing or just to get you moving and feeling better!


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