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Coffee with A Fit Coach: Amazing Fact About Efficient Exercise


Being physically active has many important health benefits. It can strengthen your bones and muscles, reduce your risk of some diseases and cancers, improve your mental health and mood and so much more.


Any exercise can provide these benefits but what if you’re struggling to find a chunk of your day to fit in exercise? What if you could break it up into small chunks? Bryan is here to answer this burning question to help you fit more activity into your life.

Like Bryan said, there have been studies showing that people who biked for 30 minutes straight had similar changes in their bodies as people who biked twice for 15 minutes. BUT the people who biked twice had the benefits for longer during the day.


Another study asked people to walk 30 minutes once a day and a second group to walk 3 times a day for 30 minutes. The group that walked 3 times a day had lower blood pressure spikes over the day, meaning their blood pressure was more consistent.


So what does it mean for you and your health?


If you’re working out for a specific training goal then you’re going to benefit from doing your specific exercise in one session. If you’re exercising for your health focus on fitting in activity wherever you can, whenever you can. Walking for 30 minutes a day has benefits but so does walking 10 minutes 3 times a day, it’s all going to lead to better health!


At the Fit Club we focus on high intensity interval training or HIIT workouts that alternate between intense bouts of work and active rest periods. These types of workouts have been shown to have the best results for fat loss AND maximizing the cardiovascular benefits.


Take 10

When time is limited you might be able to manage just 10 minutes of continuous exercise. Just 10 minutes can feel more manageable and still gives all the benefits of exercise. Here are some ways to maximize your 10 minutes.



Start your day with a 10 minute lap around the block, skip rope for 10 minutes on your lunch break or squeeze in a 10 minute cardio workout off YouTube.



On a work call? Do some squats and calf raises. Keep something heavy by your desk so you can do a quick strength circuit when you get a break. Lift some weights while you watch TV at night. 10 minutes adds up fast!



Do all of your physio or chiro assigned rehab stretches or exercises (they’re for your health too!). Search a 10 minute stretching or yoga routine you can do on your lunch break.


There are tons of ways to fit activity into your day when you start looking. Short exercise routines can also be a good way to keep yourself interested and motivated in your fitness goals. By staggering different routines when you have time, you will not get bored or feel overwhelmed by ‘having’ to do a long workout. You don’t have to work out, you get to workout!


If you’re looking for more motivation and guidance to help reach your fitness goals this year check out our Fit Club! We offer LIVE virtual group classes Monday to Saturday.


  • All fitness levels welcome
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