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Rehabilitation at Price Health

Rehabilitation is an important part of any treatment plan. Performing exercises and stretches at home loosens and strengthens muscles between visits. This decreases pain, makes the treatment more effective, prevents the problem from returning and gives you more power in the therapeutic process!

Corrective exercises are an essential part of all our chiropractors treatment plans because they recognize the importance of providing all aspects of treatment to maximize results. If your therapist is not currently giving you exercises then you are not reaching your full healing potential!

Commonly Treated Conditions

Other commonly treated conditions that require exercises are:

  • Knee
  • ACL
  • Hamstring
  • Ankle

When injuries occur your muscles become weak due to disuse or injured tissue. This can be from a sudden traumatic injury or even a gradual repetitive stress injury like postural problems. As people slouch forward the muscles in the front of their body tighten and shorten, while the muscles on the back of their body lengthen and become weaker. This is called Upper Crossed syndrome and is effectively treated with proper supervised corrective exercises as well as treatment.

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