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Are scars making your weaker? And how to get rid of them.

Are scars making your weaker? And how to get rid of them.

??????????????????????????????? Most of us have battle scars for one reason or another.  The question is, do these scars interfere with more than the aesthetic appearance of your skin.  The answer is yes.   Scar tissue interferes with your bodies normal function in several ways.  Larger scars decrease the skin and connective tissues elasticity which can interfere with range of motion and flexibility.  This can create extra wear and tear on other areas of the body leading to injury ‘downstream’ from the scars.   Scar tissue is loaded with tons of proprioceptive information as well.  The scar has lots of receptors that tell the brain where the body is in space.  When left untreated, these receptors can send the wrong information to the brain leading to inhibited (weakened) muscles and dysfunction.   With Neuro Kinetic Therapy, a technique designed to identify and correct inhibited (weak) and facilitated (tight) muscles, practitioners work on the scar tissue to help correct imbalances and poor motor control.  If you have any major scars that you have left untreated (think surgeries), ask if they can be having any possible negative effects on your strength and movement!   The best way to get rid of scars is through a combination of mineral oil and self-massage.  The mineral oil helps to soften the scar tissue.  Gentle massaging and rolling of the scar tissue over time will not only restore function to and strength back to your motor control (muscles) system, but will drastically reduce the appearance of the scar itself.   This will leave you stronger, more mobile and smoother skin.  Win, win, win. -Dr. Rob

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