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The Ultimate Posture Test (Try This At Home)

Ultimate posture















The common posture we tend to sit in is with our head protruding forwards, our back hunched, our shoulders rounded forwards, and our pelvis tilted backwards. Increased time in this static posture can make you feel stiff and can limit your range of motion.


This week Dr. Rob has an easy test you can do right now to see if you have good posture:



The reach-roll-and-lift is a test and the exercise you’ll need to do to get better posture!


Posture comes down to mobility of the spine, the shoulder and the shoulder blade. All three of these components need to be moving well together for you to have good posture. This test is so great because it tests all of these components separately to see where you’re lacking. If you struggle with working overhead or tend to sit for long periods this test is for you!


The Reach Roll & Lift

  • Start kneeling and sit back on your heels as best as you can.
  • Put your first on your forehead and place your fist on the ground in front of you.
  • With your opposite hand reach out and above your head so your arm is straight.
  • Turn your palm toward the ceiling and try to lift your arm off the ground, keeping your arm straight and your fist on your forehead.


If you can do this exercise that’s awesome! You probably have great posture and mobility. Use this exercise as a warm up, a daily stretch, or wherever you can to keep up that mobility.


If you can’t do this exercise there are some steps you can take to get there! You’ll want to start with some shoulder and spine mobility exercises like quadruped rotation and


Quadruped Rotation:

  • Start on all fours and place one of your hands on the back of your head.
  • Rotate through the spine until your elbow is pointing toward the ceiling.
  • Rotate back so your elbow points to the ground and repeat.
  • This is going to help with spinal mobility and get everything moving.
  • Once you master this version, start on your knees and elbows to ramp it up.


Working on these foundational movements is going to improve your posture and your mobility so you can move better in your daily life.


If you are struggling with either of these exercises, come see one of our 4 amazing physiotherapists! They will get you moving and improve your posture faster and tailored to your needs.

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