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We Dare You To Take The Smile Challenge


Did you know that holding a pencil in your mouth can make you happier?


It’s a cool way to hack your brain and Dr. Rob is going to explain how:


Placing a pencil in your mouth in the right way uses the same muscles in your face that you use to smile and it tricks your brain into thinking you’re smiling. This works using facial feedback theory which is a fancy word for “fake it till you make it”.


Your brain is constantly monitoring what’s happening in your body from muscle tension, posture, breathing, heart rate and even your facial expression to judge how you’re feeling.


Our brain doesn’t always know the difference between real smiling and fake smiling so our brain releases chemicals that make you feel happy!


So fake smiling can actually make you happier! This works for other areas of your body too, Standing or sitting up straight can improve self-confidence and mood; hugging yourself can reduce pain; breathing slowly and deeply can reduce stress and boost your mood.


So next time you’re feeling stressed, pain, or not so confident you can fake it to actually change how you’re feeling!


The world is a stressful place right now and you may be struggling to find happiness around you but we promise it’s there even if you have to fake it at first.


So we challenge you to smile as much as you can in the next 30 days! We’re thinking of it as a rebellion against COVID. Smile while you’re on the phone, smile during zoom calls, smile under your mask in the grocery store, smile at people you pass on your walks, just get smiling!


People can hear a smile on the phone and see a smile under the mask in your eyes and a smile is contagious!


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