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#1 Secret For Working Healthier & Happier From Home


With no end in sight for many of us who work from home, it may be time to re-evaluate our work routines and habits. Working from home has made it easier than ever to multitask but should we be??


These tips from Dr. Rob can help you get even more productive and help bring some balance in this crazy time.


We tend to try and do multiple things at once to fit everything in. Sometimes it feels like we’ve been conditioned to feel like doing just one thing is a bit wasteful. Texting while we watch a show, talking on the phone while cooking dinner, sending emails during meetings…we’ve all done it!


In reality we’re not good at multitasking and it may prevent your brain from actually being able to focus on either thing. When you do two things at once your brain is switching back and forth from each thing without truly focusing on either.


Interruptions or distractions— even ones you create yourself by multi-tasking it can take up to 23 minutes to refocus on the original task. You end up doing many things but not really focusing on any of them and taking LONGER to do them. It’s the reason why you slow down while you text and walk… our brains are toggling between not letting us walk into a bush and replying to your friend.


A book by Jim Loher and Tony Schawrtz called “The Power of Full Engagement” talks about the Sprint & Recover Method which is one of Dr. Rob’s favourite focus strategies.


Why You Should Sprint instead of Jog:


If you close out everything else and focus on doing one thing you’re actually going to do a better and more efficient job at that one thing. Set aside a timer for 54 minutes, which is the optimal time that our brains can focus, and race yourself to get your task or project done. Once your task is done, or your 54 minutes is up, then take a well deserved 10-15 minute break where you do nothing. This way you’ve accomplished your task and treated yourself for getting it done.


So next time you consider multi-tasking to save time, consider setting a timer and tackling one thing at a time. It may actually help you get it done better and faster.


If you’re finding yourself still struggling with working from home as we approach the 1 year mark of the start of the pandemic, we can help!


Dr, Rob is offering a free workshop for you and your team that can help you learn to work healthier and happier from home! Dr. Rob focuses on how to transform your work from home routine to get more done, boost your energy, avoid aches and pains and take control of your life!


Some Things You’ll Learn Include:

  1. Habits and hacks from productivity experts to boost your brain power and energy so you can do more work in less time!
  2. The best stretches our physiotherapy team recommends to prevent work-from-home pains.
  3. How to set up your home office without expensive ergonomic assessments or equipment


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