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Fitness Coaches at Price Health

Bryan Richardson, Price Health Fitness ManagerBryan Richardson

Fitness Manager

Bryan Richardson is an experienced fitness coach with over a decade of experience in the training industry. Sports and fitness have always been a part of Bryan’s life including several years of triple ‘A’ hockey and university varsity football experience.

Bryan has spent time working with a multitude of clients all over the world, including three years of personal training experience in Gwangju, South Korea and over six months in Bangkok, Thailand alongside top ranked Muay Thai competitors. He has spent time with high level athletes and fitness beginners taking their first steps into a healthier life, and helped each client overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

Bryan brings passion, enthusiasm and amazing humour to the fitness coaching experience. He loves to connect and coach each client individually to help them realize their potential. Bryan is a man of many talents and interests. Be sure to ask him about living overseas, being a pilot and an ordained minister!

Jesse Jones, Price Health Fitness CoachJesse Jones

Fitness Coach

Jesse is a passionate and dedicated Fitness coach who has dedicated years to his education and helping others with their health and fitness. Jesse has multiple degrees including post-graduate work in Exercise Science for Health and wellness. He is a certified Excerise Phsyiologist as well as a registered Kinesiologist with OKA. His strengths are his caring attitude and ability to connect and have fun with each client. He is known for attention to detail in his coaching style, which allows clients to break through plateaus and achieve things they previously thought impossible. He enjoys teaching the skill as well as explaining the rationale to help the clients better understand why.

With Jesse’s background in education he believes every session should be fun and educational for his clients. With over 3 years of experience Jesse has worked with a variety of clients. He has worked in Cardiac Rehab, trained elite level cyclists, and trained clients young and old who were brand new to exercise. Jesse prides himself in being able to help everyone no matter what his or her circumstances are.

No matter what your perceived barriers are Jesse truly believes he can help you reach your goals.

Bruna, Price Health Fitness CoachBruna

Fitness Coach

After 8 years working in the corporate environment of marketing, Bruna decided to change her whole life and career coming to Canada to study and dedicate to Fitness and Health field. Certified by the OFC (Ontario Fitness Council) and graduated at Conestoga College, she is now putting all the knowledge acquired into practice and bringing the best of each of our members during the sessions making the workout a nice and challenging time for them. Bruna is also pursuing a Yoga certification at the moment along with her personal practice.

Alex, Price Health FitnessAlex

Fitness Coach

Alex joined the Price Health team shortly after completing her Kinesiology & Physical Education degree at Wilfrid Laurier University. It was a perfect fit to be able to surround herself with a group who shares the same passions for health and fitness as herself. Alex also works as a Health Assistant at Price Health.

While completing her degree, Alex had the great opportunity to volunteer with KW Habilitation supporting children and adults with developmental disabilities.

She now works there part time as a personal support worker. She also has experience working with children in a variety of settings. In her free time, you can find Alex on the ball diamond, at the gym, or looking up new recipes to try!

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