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Low Back Pain Exercises at Price Health

What Helps and What Hurts

Lower back pain exercises are an essential part of any treatment plan for low back pain. Research has proven that specific low back muscles called the multifidus shrink and weaken with episodes of back pain, and remain that way even after the pain is gone. This increases the risk of future episodes of low back pain.

The exercises listed below are essential for activating the muscles of the low back in a safe and proper way. All of the exercises have different variations that allow people of all levels of pain and fitness to perform what works best for them.

Emphasis is Always on Proper Form.

There are a couple very common mistakes people make when performing lower back pain exercises.

  1. First it is important not to continue the exercises if they hurt or aggravate your pain. Consult your therapist to find appropriate ones for you!
  2. Gym abdominal machines are a big NO NO! All exercises that involve twisting and bending are BAD FOR THE BACK! Especially for people who back problems. This includes sit-ups as well ( we have provided a safe alternative)
  3. Back strengthening exercises are actually back endurance exercises. Endurance is protective not strength.
  4. All muscles must be equally strong, not just the abdominals or low back. The front, side and back must support equally to be most effective.
BirdDogs and Ab Crunches »

Side Plank & Reverse Bridge »


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