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Physiotherapists at Price Chiropractic & Fitness


Andrew Englander, Physiotherapist

Andrew Englander, Physiotherapist

Andrew Englander, Physiotherapist

Andrew believes each person is unique and because of this, he develops individualized treatment plans for each person to optimize their recovery.

Andrew has experience dealing with a wide variety of injuries that can cause aches and pains and may slow you down.

Physiotherapy with Andrew is right for you if you want to feel healthier, and continue to be active and do the things you love. Together we can achieve your goals, whether that goal is recovering from an injury or becoming pain free.

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Stefan Arezina, Physiotherapist

Photo of Stefan Arezina, Physiotherapist

Stefan Arezina, Physiotherapist

Growing up in Kitchener, Stefan has been involved in athletics his whole life and has been extremely passionate about sports.

Through a love for the game and many years of hard work, Stefan particularly excelled in the sport of basketball, as he played varsity high-school basketball at Cameron Heights, and was affiliated with his two University varsity basketball teams.

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Mark Silva, Physiotherapist

Mark Silva has been involved in health and fitness from a very young age. Mark strongly believes that everyone has the capacity to improve their lives in every area. His approach is client focused, hands on, and multidimensional. He believes that one type of treatment won’t work for everyone; but, there is a treatment out there that can work for anyone.

Mark attended Western University for seven years. He completed his undergraduate degree with Honour’s Specialization in Kinesiology, and afterwards he successfully graduated as Master of Physical Therapy.

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