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20 Different Movement Ideas


Everyone knows that we should be exercising regularly. But, sometimes the word “exercise” sounds like a lot of work (especially when you are tired), so I like to call it “movement” instead.

Movement is any activity that you find enjoyable, fun and gets your body moving! Our bodies are made to move and they function better when we can move consistently. Movement is a type of fuel for our bodies, just like food. It stimulates feel good endorphins, improves mood and mental health, and will even improve sleeping patterns.

It’s important to switch up the type of movement we do for optimal health!

Here are 20 different movement ideas to get you going!


  1. Hula hooping
  2. Dancing
  3. Skateboarding
  4. Rock climbing
  5. Mountain biking
  6. Road biking
  7. Trampoline jumping
  8. Yoga
  9. Archery
  10. Frisbee
  11. Jump rope
  12. Hiking
  13. Basketball
  14. Swimming
  15. Hiking
  16. Golf
  17. Pilates
  18. Soccer
  19. Karate

Start my making a regular 15-minute appointment for yourself every day to get your movement in! Eventually your body will start craving it and it won’t feel like work anymore!

Now get out there and move your body!



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