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3 Awesome Workouts You Can Do at Home


As the coronavirus outbreak leaves millions of us sheltering in place, many of us are left without access to our usual gyms, workout studios and even parks.


This may have drastically derailed your fitness plans. maybe you’re finding yourself skipping workouts? Feeling unmotivated to sift through thousands of Instagram or YouTube workouts for something you like?


We have the answer and 3 amazing workouts you can do right from home!


Watch Dr. Rob explain why these workouts are perfect for any fitness level!


These are 3 FULL LENGTH 25-30 minute workout videos that you can easily follow along. Our Fit Coaches will walk you through variations of the exercises from beginner to advanced and will be there sweating along with you!


FROZONE Body Weight Workout with Dr. Rob:


ELIXER FIXER Corrective & Strength Workout with Bryan:


LEX LUTHER EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute) Workout with Jesse:


We want to keep you active and healthy during this self-isolation period so that you can feel better and live better! Establishing a workout routine can help add some structure to your day and could help ease some anxiety related to the pandemic.


Interested in more workouts like these? Join our Virtual Fit Club! Right now we’re offering a 21 Day At Home Challenge that includes

  • Home workout plan
  • Custom nutrition plan
  • Personal accountability from a fitness coach
  • Private online group for members
  • Success tracking system

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