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3 Secret Exercises Every Physiotherapist Wants You to Do

Feeling stiff, tight, and in pain? We have 3 easy exercises that can help you loosen up and feel better!


Watch Dr. Rob teach you how to master these secret exercises:


Rice farmer’s have the lowest rate of low back pain worldwide because they squat down all day! To get into a low squat like this you need mobility in your hips, low back, knees, and ankles. This kind of mobility unfortunately doesn’t happen sitting at a desk all day.


Adults who sit a lot tend to have some difficulty getting into this position and kids who haven’t logged a lifetime of sitting can get into this position no problem.


While this position may look like you’ll never get into it we promise you can! With practice and patience over time you will be able to get into this squat.


A key exercise to getting you into this position is the half-kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch. If you’ve been watching/reading our 2 minute tips for awhile then you’ve definitely seen this stretch.


Start with one knee down and “tuck” your pelvis under so that you really feel a stretch in the front of your hip. To step it up a notch reach your arm overhead on the same side that your knee is on the ground and lean away from that side. This will really target those tight hip flexors.


The hips aren’t the only thing that get tight from sitting. You may have recognized the hunched forward posture many of us have taken on in the age of technology. A great stretch that a lot of our patients get prescribed is the Pec Minor Stretch.


Find a corner or a door frame and place your forearm/elbow on the wall beside the door so that your elbow is at shoulder height. You then want to turn your body away from your arm so you feel a stretch across your chest. You don’t want to feel any pinching in your shoulder.
As you get better you can bring your shoulder up higher to stretch it out more.


If you loved these stretches as much as we do and you want more then you should check in with one of our physiotherapists.


They are our resident movement specialists and can help you retrain your movement patterns so that you can get your body better at what you want it to do!



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