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Are YOU Fit?

What is being fit?


I read an article about what being fit meant to a personal trainer.

Here is a link to it:

He claims you can only claim to be fit if you can:

1. Perform 15 pull-ups

2. Squat twice your body weight

3. Run 10km in 50 mins

4. Do a Turkish getup with half your body weight

5. Bench press your body weight for 10 reps

6. Complete a 500 metre row in 90 seconds

7. Complete a 2000 metre row in 7 minutes

I agree and disagree. I agree based on this personal trainers’ life, experience and perspective that this is what HE considers being FIT.

I disagree though because I think that being FIT means whatever it means to an individual.

We all have different views on it. As a fitness coach I certainly consider myself fit. I am not amazing at everything but I am fit. I can complete 2 out of the 7 things on that list. I have set a lot of goals for myself and I have accomplished them. That makes me feel fit.

I wanted to squat 225lbs, I did it.

I wanted to bench press over 200lbs, I did it.

I wanted to complete 10km without having to walk any of it, I did it.

I wanted to do 15 bowler squats on a Bosu ball without falling off, mission accomplished!

That is fit to ME. Ask yourself, what is fit to you? What have you accomplished that makes you fit?

If you aren’t sure, that is OK. I bet you are not the only one.


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