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A secret wellness gem & A special challenge

“Do you brush your teeth everyday?” – Hopefully you said yes.

“Do you foam roll your muscles everyday?” – Most people say; “What is that?!”

Whether it’s oral hygiene or wellness: the best approach is PROACTIVE maintenance.  The foam roller is a toothbrush for your muscles.  Click here to link to the scientific research demonstrating improved range of motion, and pre and post exercise muscle performance.

The foam roller is like stretching but even better.  It is way more effective, and  way more beneficial to your muscles, but like most things that are good for you many people struggle to do it on a consistent basis because they don’t know what to do or how to do it.


A couple of quick tips on foam rolling:

1- Be gentle.  Ease into it.  You don’t need spikes on your roller.

2 – Pick 1 or 2 tight spots to work on.  Don’t try to fix the whole body at once.

3- Out of sight out of mind.  Keep the foam roller in plain sight where you can see it.  (We recommend to keep it on the couch so you have to move it to sit down. Think of it as a decorative pillow).


Consistency and frequency are key.  Short frequent sessions are better than long epic sessions.  Just like brushing your teeth.  One to two minutes per muscle every day is the key.

You know how they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – well the foam roller would be the apple for your muscles and joints.  It is an amazing way to prevent the cumulative build up of sitting and working all day.


Here’s the challenge:

Pick 2 body parts to foam roll every single day for 2 weeks.  You should foam roll each part for a minimum of 1-2 minutes for maximum  results.  If you still feel like that is too much, you will see benefit with just 1 minute of rolling.

Our recommendation would be to start with your mid back for 2 minutes, then foam roll each hip for 2 minutes.   That is a total of 6 minutes a day.  (That being said, you may have a spot that requires some more attention, so feel free to pick that spot.)

You can roll when your watching TV, taking care of the kids, drinking your coffee, or brushing your teeth.  Just do it daily for 2 weeks!

See what happens!!  We want to know how you feel after consistently rolling out for 3-6 minutes every day.


Our PROMISE to you: you will notice a significant difference in how you move and feel! 

You can roll when your watching TV, taking care of the kids, drinking your coffee, or brushing your teeth.

Just do it daily for 2 weeks! See what happens! And we want to know how you feel after the 2 weeks.


We only get one body, but we tend to take it for granted. The body needs care and maintenance. It does have an incredible ability to heal which is absolutely amazing, but it builds up imbalances that make it susceptible to problems (pain and injury.)

We want to be the trusted mechanic for your body.  At Price, we specialize in the assessment of imbalances that can lead to pain and injury, and prevent the cumulative buildup and wear and tear that lead to problems down the road.

Our dedicated team of health care practitioners want you to know how to take care of your body. How to get proper sleep, exercise and move for optimal health, and have a nutrition plan for you. We want you to know how to stretch and foam roll so you can move better, feel better and ultimately LIVE BETTER.


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