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Amazing Benefits Of Using A Sauna - Part 1

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Most of us have probably sat sweaty, in a gym sauna at one point or another, but did you know you were benefiting your health?

Watch Dr. Rob explain why here:



Scandinavians have been using saunas for centuries for their health benefits and sauna use has since spread worldwide. Saunas use a dry heat to create temperatures up to 195°F. This usually leads to sweating and relaxation for the user, but there are a ton of benefits other than relaxation.


It Benefits Cardiac Health

Your risk of developing cardiovascular disease is reduced by 50%. This happens because using a sauna increases your cardiac output which is basically how hard your heart is working. When you’re in a hot sauna all of the blood vessels in your body dilate and your heart pumps blood faster this brings more blood to the skin where heat can be lost to the environment. This is to try and help cool your internal body temperature. 


This is the exact same process that happens when you start exercising. So spending time in a sauna has similar effects on your heart as moderate to vigorous exercise. Think riding your bike, power walking, or running. Pretty cool, right? 


Like Dr. Rob mentioned, if you’re already someone who works out, hopping in a sauna post shower can actually boost your cardio fitness by 30%! So it may actually help improve your performance if you’re trying to reach a fitness goal.


Repair & Restoration of the Body

Saunas can boost repair of proteins in your body by triggering the release of heat shock proteins. These proteins play a big role in cell regulation and function, especially in helping protect and repair proteins that may be damaged. When people spend prolonged periods in hot environments, like a sauna, their heat shock protein levels increase which provide a protective effect on cells.


These proteins also trigger the release of Human Growth Hormone (or HGH) which is also responsible for repair in the body! A study found that two 20 minute sessions in a sauna resulted in a five-fowl increase in HGH! The decline in HGH is responsible for some of the effects of aging so some time in the sauna could help stave off some effects of aging. We’ve talked about HGH in detail on the blog before, you can read more on it HERE.


And More!

There are so many more health benefits associated with using a sauna and Dr. Rob will share a few more next week! If you can’t wait, or want to read more about saunas check out this great article HERE. 



Is it Safe for Me?

Saunas are generally considered safe for healthy adults and may be safe for special populations with appropriate medical supervision. If you are worried about the safety of being exposed to high temperatures in a sauna, ask at your next appointment or talk to your medical doctor. 


Starting with 15 minute sessions and slowly working up to 30 minutes at a time should be safe for most adults. If you feel dizzy, unwell, or develop a headache while in a sauna, leave immediately and cool down. Make sure to rehydrate with a couple glasses of water after using a sauna.



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