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Amazing & Effective Technique to Start & Keep Your Healthy Habits!

The hardest part of creating new habits is sticking to it for long enough for it to actually become a habit.


This is why many people’s new years resolutions never make it past February, despite their good intentions.


It’s why people still don’t exercise or eat healthy all the time. It’s why they procrastinate, choose an extra half hour of sleep over working out or eating breakfast in the morning.


Watch this week’s video where Dr. Rob explains how you can pick your habit and stick to it!


So habits are hard, we all know that. But what are the most common reasons people break their habits??


The most common reasons people don’t stick to a new habit:

  1. The habit is too difficult.
  2. You don’t enjoy doing it.
  3. Too many habits at once (habits are hard!).
  4. Too many other things going on.
  5. Changes in routine (sick, travel, visitors, big project at work).
  6. Not really motivated to do it.
  7. You talk yourself out of it.
  8. You miss a day or two and get discouraged.


BUT these are all excuses and if you don’t have a few WHYS then you’re going to keep coming up with excuses or become discouraged and boom there goes your new habit.


Like Dr. Rob said, the WHY is the most important part. WHY do you want to make this a habit?

Why do I want to exercise every day? Because I want to be able to keep up with my kids.

Why am I trying to meditate for a few minutes every day? To reduce my stress levels so I have less anxiety.

Why do I want to swap out my juice for water? I want to cut down on sugar and maybe lose weight so I can fit into that one outfit that makes me feel really good.


The more ‘whys’ you have the more likely you are to stick to a habit. It’s a nice little reminder of why you started and why you should keep going!


Having your why in the front of your mind every day, especially when you’re really not feeling like doing it, when you feel like you’re too tired, too busy, or just plain don’t want to, can help motivate you to stick to it!


The “WHY” is the most powerful habit keeper and just like Dr. Rob’s favourite quote:


 “When the why gets big enough the how starts to take care of itself!”

Some more tips for increasing your chances of forming and keeping your new habits include:

1. Focus on one small, tiny, habit at a time.

Trying to change your entire life in one attempt is setting yourself up for failure. Think of what you think you “should” be doing, then cut that in half, then cut it in half again. That should be your starting point!

2. Enjoy Doing it!

Picking a habit that you hate doing is going to be way harder to stick to and when you hate doing something you’re going to be thinking negatively the entire time. This is the exact reason I will never make it a habit of going to the gym after work. I will curse at myself the entire time for going during the busiest time of the day, have to deal with waiting for weights and machines and it will put a damper on my entire day. Instead I drag my butt out of bed every other morning to go to the gym because it’s less busy and I’ll feel like I already accomplished something before I even eat breakfast.

So pick a habit you enjoy or find the joy in a habit you hate. Praise yourself for doing it. Feel good about doing it. This is immediate reward, and it’s necessary. Positive reinforcement is key!

3. Focus on Starting

We often get caught up in the end goal and get overwhelmed before we even start. Focus all your effort on just doing the thing you want to do. Want to run a 5k in 25 minutes? For now just put on your shoes and get running! Want to meditate? Get your butt on the cushion. Starting is the hardest part so just do it!

And don’t forget:

When you feel like quitting remember WHY you started!

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