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Amazing Total Body Home Workout in Just Minutes!

Moving your body, even for a short time period, is one of the most important things you can do for your health every day.


Contrary to popular belief every workout doesn’t have to be a sweaty, super intense, hour long ordeal!


Watch Dr. Rob show you one exercise that you can do in just a few minutes to get moving and get active.


Especially for busy people who feel like they hardly have a second to think let alone workout, these quick exercises sprinkled throughout your day are a great alternative to spending a dedicated chunk of time to get your sweat on a few times a week.


Everyone should make time for physical activity, but for those times when you can’t seem to squeeze in an ‘ideal’ fitness routine, it’s essential that you don’t slip into complete inactivity!


Changing your expectations and splitting your ‘workout’ into small chunks of 5 or 10 minutes may be just the change you need to get your daily activity in.


So try grinding out a few reps of this kettle-bell exercise while you watch your favourite show or keep the kettle-bell near the front door and do at least 5 reps every time you leave the house!


There’s always time to workout or at least get moving. Remember that a lack of movement is the real problem, not a lack of exercise. Exercise sounds like something that only fit people do, but moving is something for everyone.


If performing this exercise seems painful or uncomfortable let one of our trainers or therapists know and we can customize this exercise to work for you!

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