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Are You Doing These Common Exercises That Can Cause Pain?

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Not every exercise is meant for every body.


Sometimes workouts and exercises need to be modified so you get the maximal benefit and minimal risk! Watch Dr. Rob share four exercises he doesn’t recommend for everyone.



The shoulder is a really mobile joint which comes with some instability. There are 20+ muscles that control your shoulder and keep it stable. If these muscles are not all working together perfectly you can end up with instability. When you load that instability it can lead to injury.


Here Are 4 Common Shoulder Exercises that Could Cause Pain


Shoulder Shrugs

This exercise is great for targeting your upper traps but for most people that’s unnecessary! Your upper traps are probably already over active and tight so there’s no need to do this exercise unless you’re a bodybuilder! Tight and hyperactive upper traps can cause headaches, neck pain, and shoulder imbalances over time.


Upright Rows

This exercise puts your shoulders in a rolled forward position which is a relatively unstable position. If you’ve ever done this exercise and felt a sharp pain in your anterior shoulder then this exercise probably isn’t meant for you. It can exacerbate rotator cuff issues which are fairly common. Check with your physio or chiro before adding this exercise to your routine.


Tricep Dips

Dips are another exercise that puts your shoulders in an unstable position and can injure the rotator cuff. Swap them out for other tricep and chest exercises especially if you have shoulder pain or problems!


Shoulder Press

This exercise doesn’t have as bad of a reputation as the last three but it can cause pain in some people. Like the shoulder shrugs, this exercise can over activate your upper traps. If you find that you are getting neck pain or headaches after a shoulder workout this exercise could be the culprit. Opt for dumbbells over a barbell to allow your shoulders to be in a more stable position and keep your shoulders angled at 45 degrees for the most benefit.


One last reminder that none of these exercises are bad or are going to definitely hurt you! They just add extra strain on your shoulder that some shoulders may not be able to handle. The best way to bulletproof your shoulders is to focus on mobility and strength!


If you need help mastering shoulder mobility or rehabbing a nagging shoulder problem book in with one of our physiotherapists today!

They have the expert knowledge and skills to get your shoulders where they need to be to do any exercise you want!



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