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BEST YEAR EVER - 8 Week Personal Training Program

We are excited to announce our BEST YEAR EVER Personal Training Program.  This program is designed to help you achieve your New Year’s goals, and to keep them!   Here are the details:

What is it?

This is an 8 week program consisting of 16 personal training session (twice a week) for only $74 per week ($37 per session).  It also includes 2 action-packed and informative workshops that are exclusive to participants in the program.  Things you will learn are:

  • the 4 personality types and how to create habits based on yours
  • The 2 most effective ways of eating – 1 will surprise the heck out of you!
  • How to eat as much as you want and still lose weight.
  • The PRICE FIT CLUB principles that deliver results and have women doing 30+ pushups from their toes
  • Top 10 tips on how to have your best year ever
  • The 4 pillars of health and how to use them for optimal health.
  • Sleep better for more energy
  • And much  more…..

You will receive weekly accountability emails to keep you on track and optimize success.  You also have access to our fitness coaches to answer any question you may have.

You get workbooks to follow along and complete the homework steps that will result in the changes you want to see.

How do I register?

Just call 519-885-5433 and ask to register for the BEST YEAR EVER program.  Or email

If you have any questions or are unsure if this program is for you then email

Who it for?

This program is for anybody looking to make a change in their life, or take their fitness and achievements to the next level.  Many people don’t know the best way to workout, and spend too much time at the gym without getting results.  We are here to help.   If you want to change your nutrition habits and feel amazing this is for you.  If you just want to learn more about your health and how to improve your life through optimal health this is for you.  If it’s not for you, then no problem at all – hopefully you share it with someone who it might benefit.

When is it?

The personal training sessions start whenever you want them to.  You schedule them based on your time table.  The information seminars are:

  • January 12th at 7pm
  • February 9th at 7pm.

We videotape the sessions so that if you cannot attend you can still get access to the information.   Many people go back and review the video many times for more information.

How Much is it?

It is only $74 per week for 8 weeks.  This is a fraction of the price you would pay at big box gyms.  This is a discount from our already low price.  Our prices our uniquely low based on our semi-private personal training system that delivers all the customized programming that 1 on 1 personal training delivers at a fraction of the price because you are sharing the cost of the trainer with the other members.  There is no other program like it in Waterloo Region.  Payments are split into 2 monthly payments of $296 + HST.

Why would you consider this program?

If you want real results quickly, we can deliver that.  However, our biggest focus is on creating sustainable habits that will trickle over into your every day life so you get real last results.  We want to give you the tool and know how to continue exercising.  We don’t want this to be an 8 week journey for you.  We aim to unlock the fun, know how and secrets behind exercise to get results, lose weight, feel better and improve your life.

What happens afterwards?

Anything you want!! Our goal is to teach you that you can achieve any and all of your health goals and we will teach you to how to do that.  The focus is on life change, not just 8 week change.  We can continue to help you move forward and create health and fitness in your life or you can take the skills you have learned and move forward on your own.

Who can join?

Anybody and everybody!  This is not just limited to our own clientele.  In fact we would love it if you shared it.   However we are only opening it 15 total spots (5 of which are taken at the time of this writing).

100% Money Back Guarantee

We also feel so strongly in the fact that you will love our workouts, learn from workshops that we provide a 100% money back guarantee.  If after the first workshop you feel that we have not delivered on our promise to provide the tools for real change then you get your money back.  No hassle, no questions asked.