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Can you lose weight without changing WHAT you eat?

My experience with Intermittent Fasting

By: Fitness Coach & Manager Bryan Richardson

Much has been made over the last couple of years about “intermittent fasting” or the “16:8″ diet. In fact we’ve written about these diets in the past (Read for a more in depth look at how the 16:8 diet affects the body here:  and here:  Researchers have been delving into the benefits of fasting and for the most part have come away with the result that not only is it beneficial for weight loss, but it also has a host of other benefits as well (lower blood pressure, better sleep, insulin resistance, and even possibly life extension).

What is Intermittent Fasting/16:8 diet?

The 16:8 diet doesn’t concern itself so much with WHAT you eat, but WHEN you eat.  Basically, you choose an 8 hour period of the day (for example, 11am – 7pm or 12pm – 8pm) in which you eat.  Outside of this window you don’t eat anything, but you can drink water and black coffee or tea (and are encouraged to do so).   Research by the University of Illinois found that people who followed the 16:8 diet lost significantly more weight than those who ate normally (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snacks). They also lowered their blood pressure!

That’s great… but does it work with my lifestyle? Does it work in real life at all?

The answer to these questions is a very frustrating “it depends”.  We’ve all built bad habits in life, and many of those relate to how/what/when we eat, so breaking those habits to try something new like this can be difficult!  However I have been following the 16:8 diet for over three and a half years now, so I’ll share some of my insights thus far.

When I began the 16:8 diet, I was still eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and food at all hours of the day just like most people.  I was fit and ate well, but suffered from several other health issues, namely insomnia and a frustrating lack of energy at several points during the day.

After starting the 16:8 diet, I noticed benefits within weeks (around a month).  Suddenly the energy lows of the morning had vanished…entirely.  Due to the break in eating starting at 9pm for me, my sleep became deeper and of higher quality, I was rested every day.  I also slimmed down around the waistline. I even noticed a MASSIVE increase in strength when I was lifting, especially if I was lifting outside of my eating window. The benefits were so stark and obvious, I’ve stuck with it for three and a half years.  I do eat outside of my window occasionally (we all need to go for a late meal or drink during our social lives now and again, or go on vacation and take advantage of “all you can eat”), but I just get right back to the 16:8 pattern again, with no ill effects.  I’ve brought this to the attention of many of the members of the Price Fit Club, and many have joined me and found very similar results!

Will this work for everyone?  Results will depend on diligence to  a healthy diet.  It also depends on what your goals and expectations are.  Many people fail when their expectations are not realistic because of over promising marketing campaigns.
Will everyone experience the same effects? Probably not, as we’re all different and have different lifestyles.

Will this benefit everyone? Yes it will.  At one level or another, your health will improve even if you don’t FEEL it or SEE it.

If you’re struggling with fitness and getting started on a nutrition plan that works for YOU, our fitness coaches at the Price Fit Club are ready and able to help guide you to a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and exercise.  Contact Bryan@pricehealth.cato book your initial assessment today. Our one month trial is only $69 and includes 4 semi private personal training sessions as well as 8 boot camps, and includes nutrition guidance to help you reach your goals.

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