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This is THE MUST WATCH VIDEO we have made to date.  You are going to love it.


If you enjoy our 2 minute tips – this is a little different and a whole  lot of fun!


Welcome to our first Member Spotlight instalment featuring Ryan Steele!


Ryan has been a valued member of the PRICE FIT CLUB for many years now.  He always comes in happy and smiling, ready to joke with all the staff.  He regularly keeps the Fitness Coaches on their toes (and we keep him on his toes!).


Bryan, our amazingly creative and talented Fitness Manager wanted to make a Member Spotlight video on Ryan’s story.   We are biased, but we think it turned out amazing!


Ryan gives a brilliant piece of advice in the video on how to achieve goals in life.


You will love the completely unprompted and unscripted ending (it brought Bryan and the rest of us to our  knees with laughter).


Thanks so much for reading our blog posts and 2 minute tips regularly.  We hope you find value in them.


Enjoy this week’s video!




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