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Fitness Challenge $24/session!

PRICE FIT CLUB proudly presents


The Price Fit Club is having a blast with this 3 month fitness challenge. It’s not too late to join a clan!

Get in shape, have fun, stay accountable and get results!

This is a 3 month action-packed fitness competition for the beginner to advanced!

We will pit all of our fitness members against each other over this 3 month battle.

Fit members are divided into 3 teams with 3 amazing captains (see below). Each workout there are points up for grabs based on stations and challenges.

May the best clan win!

Purple Team – Captain Rob
waterloo chiropractor Dr. Rob Green

Dr. Rob Green

Red Team – Captain Bryan
Bryan Richardson

Coach Bryan Richardson

Blue Team – Captain Drew
Waterloo Drew Galpin - Personal Trainer

Coach Drew Galpin

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