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Fitness Testimonials

What Our Waterloo Fitness Members Say

At Price Health we love when clients share their feedback with us. Please read our fitness testimonials below. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback. For more information, contact us today.


Price Fitness is one of a kind! Rob, Drew and Bryan are amazing motivating trainers. My shoulder pain that use to wake me up during the night is gone, and the improvement in my energy, strength and cardio has surpassed my expectations! Joining Price Fitness was the best decision ever!

No regrets, just sweat.

– Tina

The friendly family like atmosphere makes joining and staying at Price Health feel like not just a commitment to myself but to an extended family. I like the variety of workouts that are always challenging in the group sessions and the workout leader is always encouraging and correcting individuals even though it is a group setting.

More strength in my legs/gluts’. Getting into a consistent workout routine-I actually enjoy getting up ( most days) at 5:00am to come and workout I feel stronger and in a better mind set than I have in years. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings!
– Tannis

The trainers are exceptional, the workouts are designed for maximum effectiveness, the time flies by, and we laugh almost as much as we sweat. I feel great – and I’ve never looked better. Over the years, I’ve paid for gym memberships, boot camps, personal trainers and classes of every description, but there’s just no comparison. PRICE FIT CLUB is the best there is.
– Kim

First and most importantly – a huge thank you to all of you! I’m really grateful for what you are continuing to create at the club and am glad to be part of it.

Price Fit Club is phenomenal! Whether I am in a semi-private training session or a bootcamp class I feel supported and motivated to do my best; my best varies from day to day but it is turning out to be more than I imagined possible. Since we get to know each other at Price this support comes from both the instructors another club members.

I’ve been really pleased with how the programs are tailored to my goals – which I’ve also been supported to develop – and to my idiosyncratic history. I am steadily reaching goal after goal even in the face of some setbacks. My stamina, strength, energy level, body composition, and commitment to healthy living have all measurably improved.

Working out at Price is a gratifying combination of challenge, fun, variety, and pushing limits all in a safe, caring, and positive environment.

I like the routines for the group classes and having the semi private classes which are designed for me. The instructors are Great! They provided excellent instruction, give you positive re-enforcement and acknowledge your achievements. I like how they keep track of your progress and offer modifications of exercises to suit you.

I like the weekly challenges. It provides a little competition between members and with myself. I also love that email I get from Brian after a had a particularly good workout.

I’m feeling stronger and more energized.

Thanks for getting me in shape.
– Shellie

Equating Price Health to the old TV show Cheers may seem wrong but that is the best analogy I could use. Price Health – the place where everyone knows your name. Walking into Price you are immediately greeted like an old friend.

I have been both a chiropractic patient and fitness patient of Dr. Rob’s for over 5 years. When I first met Rob and discussed my reservations about chiropractic treatment being the cure for everything, he assured me that it wasn’t all about “adjustments”. Rob has fixed shoulders that hurt whether I was sleeping or golfing. He got me back to the running circuit when I thought my ITB issue would never go away. He is honest in his approach that the best way to recover isn’t in the office, but at home with the exercises, stretches and other “painful” advice he provides (I curse the foam roller).

I was introduced to the Dr. Rob’s fitness methodology several years ago and even as a consistent attendee, Rob was always able to change up the program to make it interesting and progressive every week. It was a no brainer when Rob announced Price was setting up a studio in their clinic that I would join and continue to feel pain at the hand of Rob. I have now become a regular bootcamper with Bryan, and personal training sessions with Drew.

Drew was an instant hit when I first met him. He knows how to motivate and make you take it to the next level, but also experienced enough to know when you are not quite up to par. Bryan has brought a new list of exercises to torture us with. Torture in a good sense of the word. Both Drew and Bryan push to see progress whether a beginner or a seasoned athlete. They rarely take no for an answer.

Growing a business through word of mouth, doesn’t just happen. The product and the services have to be there. Price has always been able to deliver.

Price Fit Club is the place to be if you’re looking for great trainers, fun participants, constant improvement and sweat!

For almost four years I’ve been doing Rob like work outs getting stronger all the time. I don’t miss the many lost inches that have disappeared over the years. The length and intensity of the classes is great. Rob and Drew are not afraid to hand you more weight…they just seem to know when you can do more. I’m sure it won’t be long for Bryan to have the same power. I sense that Bryan is just itching to make every class harder than it already is!

I love that sometimes we get free snacks…yummy.

I love the super friendly staff! Thank you!
– Shawn

The last year has been a difficult journey for me. After tearing my ACL, MCL and meniscus I didn’t think that I would ever get back to having an active lifestyle, meaning playing any sports or even being able to run after my active 4 year old. After having surgery I started to become bored with my physiotherapy treatment and since I was not making any strides I was encouraged by the wonderful staff at Price Health to try private therapy sessions with the trainers at the clinic following a program developed by Dr. Greene. Read more about the journey »

During my initial appointment with Dr. Greene he went through a series of tests to determine my functionality. It was a very positive experience and I was made to feel comfortable and confident that success would be gained. After that initial appointment I began training sessions on a regular basis. The sessions were extremely individualized and many accommodations were made to assist with my weaknesses and fears brought on by my injury. I started to recognize that my delay to recovery was definitely strength oriented but a large part of it was the psychological fears I had developed after the injury and surgery. The doctors and trainers did an amazing job helping me through all of this constantly reassuring me, providing positive feedback and even emailing me after sessions to share with me the observations they made, giving me confidence to continue even when it was difficult.

I am proud to say that I am now back to playing sports and my 4 year old doesn’t stand a chance! I do continue to workout at the Price clinic, but now it’s not because I have to, but because I want to. The trainers continue to push me and the doctors continue to monitor my progress, checking in when they see me to see how things are. I decided to quit my other gym because when I was there I was just a number, another person in another class. At this clinic I am important, I am valued and everyone knows what my individual needs are and strive to meet those needs.


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