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Functional Movement Assessments

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A functional movement assessment can help improve your performance in any sport.

Chiropractors Dr. Rob Green and Dr. Jason Price of Price Health provide comprehensive biomechanical assessments for athletes of all sports to evaluate how efficiently they move.

Tightness and weaknesses can affect you move and perform during daily activities and within your sport. These problems can limit certain movement patterns and cause you to waste unnecessary energy, making you an inefficient athlete.

As an example for runners: Having tight hip flexors can limit your stride length and cause your glutes and hamstrings to work extra hard to extend your leg backwards. Limiting your stride length will ultimately limit your speed. This is like driving around with the parking brake on… you can do it, it just requires extra gas, and it’s not good for your car.

Through functional movement assessments Dr. Rob Green and Dr. Jason Price can identify what areas of the body are your “parking brake” and help get rid of them.

These assessments are covered under extended health insurance plans.

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