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Golf Injuries? Get Rid of Them and Improve Your Swing!

A bad swing not only wrecks your game, it can damage your body in the process through repetitive injuries

A bad swing not only wrecks your game, it can damage your body in the process through repetitive injuries

Are golf injuries and a bad swing affecting your game?

There are few things worse for both wrecking a game and making life miserable than small nagging golf injuries. Between back pain and golfer’s-elbow or shoulder, a great Sunday game can quickly become a problem on Monday morning.

Besides being a golfer himself and coming from a golfing family (one of his grandfathers won the Ontario Open as an amateur and the other golfed with a single-digit handicap until heart problems slowed him down) Dr. Rob Green of Waterloo is a certified Titleist Performance Institute professional. Dr. Rob still gets out on the course at every opportunity and his interest in the game led him to investigate improving his own golf swing and golf-fitness to avoid personal injuries. He found the TPI institute; and is a qualified graduate of their intensive program.

Titleist Performance Institute

Titlelist – the big golfing company – trains professionals to work with golfers to make the game easier and less stressful on the body. The pros use this kind of workout and treatment to protect their bodies and it is now available to the general public.

Through their Performance Institute, they’ve gathered over 11 years of ongoing golf swing analysis and research studying different golf swings and the effect this has creating golf injuries for both male and female bodies. A bad swing not only wrecks your game, it can damage your body in the process through repetitive injuries. And there are few things worse than having a nagging back or shoulder pain that stops you from enjoying the game.

What’s Involved and What You Get

There are two different Titleist Performance Institute packages to identify common swing faults, and examine how your body reacts to your swing. For example, an in-depth analysis can show you how a hip rotation restriction may be causing your low back pain. The testing also shows you how this restriction in the mid back may be causing you to pull left or block right as you watch your ball disappear. It’s all in the swing and the way your back works. Not only do you get a better swing, you get a better level of fitness and reduced body stress leading to more enjoyment (and hopefully more golf and better scores).

There are two different personally designed packages available:

Two Session Package
  • Video Swing Analysis – using slow-motion software you are able to see your swing and will receive personal demonstration and instruction in proper alignment. You’ll learn what your body is doing that’s going to create golf injuries but more importantly, how to fix them.
  • Functional Movement Testing – comprehensive tests to examine how all parts of your body work and interact to affect your golf swing. Not only do you get to see what you’re doing wrong with your swing, you’ll be shown how other parts of your body are reacting to this swing.
  • Personalized Recommendations – Finally, you’ll be instructed in specific exercises and drills designed specifically to correct your swing faults.You get a healthy swing and an improved game.
Four Session Package
  • This 4 session series includes everything above, the video swing analysis, the full functional movement testing, and the personally designed exercises and drills to work to correct your swing.
  • It also includes two follow-up sessions to fine tune, correct, and implement further details and exercises. It’s designed to make sure you’ve really learned and are using the specific skills and exercises you’ve been taught. It’s like having your own personal swing coach to work with you on really making a difference in your game.
  • And as something extra, you also get a post-exercise swing analysis to evaluate how your swing has changed – how you are now swinging the club to evaluate your progress and prove to yourself that you’re working better.
  • This 4-session package cements the drills and training into your swing to both improve your game and prevent golf injuries from stopping the enjoyment of the game and your daily life.

Give Dr. Green a call today at our Waterloo chiropractic office to see how he can help improve your golf game!