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The Greatest Stretch In The World Everybody Should be Doing


As therapists over the holidays everybody wants you to fix them (and that’s ok), but this year we decided to streamline it…. no matter what you have going on, you should be doing this stretch!!   ( .. a little tongue in cheek – but this stretch really is our favourite and amazing AND everybody should be doing it)


Most people hate stretching, even when they know it is good for them.


It takes too long.  They don’t know how.  They don’t feel it in the right place.  They are not sure why…..


Here is the solution.


The Greatest Stretch in the World….


If Dr. Rob had one stretch and only one stretch to give to everybody to fix as much as possible…. this would be it….


It is perfect for starting your day, taking a break at work or starting and finishing a workout…. Try it out!!


Try this stretch daily for 2 weeks and see how you feel!!!


Want to feel even better?  Book a massage today and start off the new year right!!! Talk to your therapist about making your benefits last the entire year through regular appointments to keep feeling your best!




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