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Happy New Year 2014

Looking to set some new goals for 2014? Let us help you!

This is the time of year that gyms fill up with people setting their new years resolutions. Unfortunately by the end of January most people have stopped going and are discouraged. Why? Because you need a plan & support. At PRICE Chiropractic & Fitness we offer ongoing support with whatever your health goals are. Our therapists and trainers are passionate about what they do and want to see you succeed. If you’re looking for a place to start or looking for a new challenge – PRICE is the place for you!


How can we help?

1. Better Health – let us help you get your body moving better! Have you been dealing with nagging aches or pains for years? Are you looking to be pro-active and get your body moving optimally? Have you ever had your posture assessed? Chiropractic care is an essential part of your health care.  Let us assess your functional movement, posture, spinal health, sports injuries, arthritic aches or pains etc. You go to a dentist to get your teeth checked,  so why not get your joints and muscles checked by a Chiropractor?  Most people have Chiropractic coverage included in their health care benefit plans. Start 2014 off right and take care of your body.

2.  Get Active – Did you know that PRICE Chiropractic & Fitness has moved and now has a fantastic workout facility? Get started today with our $59 introductory fitness offer. This offer includes a 50 min. fitness assessment and personal workout with Dr. Robert Green, 4 semi-private workout sessions and unlimited bootcamp for a month. TRX, kettlebells, cardioropes, slamballs… we have all of the latest equipment to get you in shape safely and effectively! Whether you have never worked out before or need a new fitness challenge – we have a plan for everyone.

3.  Lose unwanted pounds – what if you could lose 7-12+ unwanted lbs in 30 days? Dr. Tara Price offers a free consultation so you can discuss your goals and learn about the 30 day Isagenix replenishing cleanse. Gluten free, (dairy free option), no artificial sweeteners, grade 7 whey protein and organic products.  Read more about Isagenix on our Nutritional Cleanse page under Services.  Book your free consult today.

4. Decrease Stress – with 2 registered massage therapists on staff, PRICE offers massage therapy in a welcoming comfortable environment. Our trained therapists offer swedish, deep tissue, therapeutic and pregnancy massage. Booking is easy with our new online booking service! (click on book an appointment to get started).

If you want us to help you with one or more of the health goals above contact us today! We now offer online booking for your convenience! (Click on book an appointment on the home page) Questions? Call 519 885-5433 or Email us at Let us lead you to optimal health & fitness in 2014!

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