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Heart Rate Variability & How to Deal With Stress


If you measure something then you can manage it.

This week Dr. Rob is here to share how he manages stress with one simple trick!


Keeping track of things like sleep, exercise, and stress levels are great ways to determine how you’re doing physically and mentally. If you haven’t been getting as much sleep lately and you’re feeling more stressed maybe you want to take it easy on your workout today instead of doing a super high intensity workout.


A relatively new thing people are tracking is their Heart Rate Variability or HRV. HRV is how different the time between each heart beat is, or how variable they are. If there is a lot of variability between heart beats that is generally a good sign of health. If the variability is low then it could mean that your fight-or-flight response is shifted into overdrive due to things like stress, poor sleep, or unhealthy diet.


Have you ever wondered what the impact of a stressful day was? Will you crush your workout tomorrow morning or feel sluggish? Is there anything you can do today that would improve your ability to have a better day moving forward?


HRV may be the piece of data that could help you answer these questions. You can track HRV using wearable tech like Oura Ring.


While wearable tech like the Oura Ring, FitBit, or Apple Watch is helpful in tracking your health, sleep, and activity, you don’t need a high tech device to track everything in your life.


Something as simple as a notebook, a calendar, or a piece of paper on your fridge can be used to track your habits. Whether it’s how many times you exercised, how long you slept, or how much you weigh!


Keeping track of these things is a great way to make sure you’re achieving the necessary steps to complete your goals and to make sure that you’re taking care of your health!


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