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How to Foam Roll Your Back Pain Away In Only Minutes!

Whether you sit at work all day or your job is a little more physical, most people have experienced back pain at some point in their life. A great way to alleviate some of that pain at home is foam rolling!


Dr. Rob has some tips and tricks on how to best foam roll the most common problem areas that cause back pain!


Foam rolling has become a super popular way for people to perform myofascial release at home without the help of a practitioner. If you’ve ever asked a loved one to give you a massage this may be a way to let them off the hook! Myofascial release helps work out ‘knots’ in your muscles that can develop from stress, overuse, training, movement imbalances, or injuries. Sometimes these knots or trigger points can cause pain in other areas of the body.


While foam rolling can look painful it can actually make you feel better and relieve tension. It can be an uncomfortable practice but the best part is you can control the amount of pressure you apply to steer clear of too much pain. Start slow and apply light pressure at the beginning then work up to more pressure. Any pain above a 7/10 (0 being no pain and 10 being the most pain you’ve ever felt) means you’re putting too much pressure on that area!


When working on your back start by supporting most of your weight on your arms like Dr. Rob shows in the video above. It will protect your spine and allow you to ease into the roller.


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Happy Rolling!

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