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How to Give the BEST Shoulder Rub Ever!

At the end of a long day has your partner, friend, or loved one ever asked for a shoulder massage? If you said yes then you’ve probably experienced tired hands and complaints when you give up too soon.


Watch Dr. Rob show you exactly how to master this technique without getting sore hands!


A shoulder massage, or a massage to any part of the body can help relieve stress and is a great way to relax at the end of the day.


A massage is a perfect  way to build intimacy and trust in a relationship as well as build a stronger bond between people. It has shown to increase levels of oxytocin, which is also known as the hormone of bonding.


Physical touch is such an important part of human bonding and it’s often forgotten how important human touch can be. We are social creatures and it has been shown in multiple studies that people who are lonely or who have little physical human contact are at higher risks for things like cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and depression.



 Also touching and being touched have the same benefits and so the giver is also receiving the same benefits! Touch is a way to communicate more honestly as our words can often be influenced or limited, but with touch, the intention is clear.


Besides being a great way to bond and relieve stress here are some added benefits of massage:


It boosts your immune system:

  • High levels of stress and cortisol have been shown to make the body vulnerable to illness and injury. When the body relaxes and muscle tension is reduced during massage the immune   system can function better! A study in 2010 found that a massage can boost white blood cell count which plays a large role in defending the body from disease.


It eases muscle pain

  • Sore muscles from exercising or everyday life can be relieved by massage! The hands on pressure during a massage increases blood circulation to sore muscles which promotes healing. It can also help reduce inflammation and swelling to an area by promoting circulation to that area to take the extra fluid in swollen joints away.



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