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How to Make Planks FUN!


We want to talk about planks! We’ve all done or at least attempted a plank at some point in our lives.


These exercises are incredibly effective for overall core strength and can help to improve your posture, BUT…. they’re boring.


We want to show you how to make planks fun! Watch Dr. Rob take you through all the planks you need to be trying!


Planks are best known as a core exercise but did you know they activate more than 20 muscles?! Planks work your shoulders, back, arms, legs, and glutes. That’s a full body workout all in one move!


Trainers and practitioners love planks because they let you work your core while keeping a neutral spine to reduce your risk of injury!


To start your plank journey, the classic high plank is your basic plank.

photo-of-woman-doing-yoga-2294354 You want to keep your shoulders over your hands and your body in a straight line. You don’t want your stomach or hips to sag down or for your butt to rise up in the air (that’s cheating).


Try holding your plank for 15 seconds and slowly increase your time every time you workout until you can hold one, with good form, for at least 30 seconds.


We won’t lie to you. Planks are very boring, and they get more boring the longer you hold them. You’re staring at the floor, not moving, trying to ignore the burning sensation in your abs for just 10 more seconds! It sucks, Which is why we want you to do planks that are less boring and more fun!


So once you can hold a plank for 30 seconds we want you to get moving!   Moving makes planks harder and more effective! During your every day life you’re using your core ALL THE TIME, not just while you’re in the plank position. So it makes sense to train it in lots of ways.


Let us know at your next appointment which plank is your favourite!


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  1. Don Pendlebury says
    Nov 07, 2019 at 8:12 PM

    Excellent video. I like the variations, and will start to incorporate this into my boring regular planking. Thanks Rob

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