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How to Make the Best of Social Distancing

This week Public Health has recommended that people start practicing social distancing in an effort to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Many public schools, libraries, universities, places of worship, and sporting and cultural institutions have also shut down for at least the next few weeks to help flatten the curve. We at Price Health have also closed our doors temporarily to help slow the spread.


Watch Dr. Rob explain how this outbreak has affected Price Health and how we’re adapting!


To make sure that you can stay healthy during the coming weeks we’re launching a ton of virtual programs including the Virtual Fit Club which you can find here.


We’re also going to be offering appointments via Skype or Zoom so that we can continue to be there for you guys with advice and progressions to your exercises.


1. Self Care – Take care of yourself first so that you are in good shape to help others.
Things like working out, getting a good sleep, meditating and reducing stress.


2. Spend time With Family - If you’re in self-isolating with your family spend time together playing board games, going for walks, and catching up!


3. Maintain Your Social Supports – Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t still be social. Catch up with friends on FaceTime or on social media. We’re all in the same boat and can use each other right now.


4. “Love Fate” – Changing your outlook on the situation can make the situation better. Use this crazy time as an opportunity to grow and adapt! Make the best of this if you can.


What does social distancing mean?

Social distancing practices are changes in behaviour that can help stop the spread of infections. These often include avoiding social contact, work, and schooling among seemingly healthy individuals. This has been shown to help slow the spread of infections during pandemics.

How can you practice social distancing?

You can lower your risk of infection by reducing the number of people you come into contact with. Avoid public spaces and unnecessary social gatherings, especially places with crowds or a large flow of people in and out if possible.

Lowering the number of people you come into contact with will reduce the chances of exposure to the virus or other illnesses. If it is absolutely necessary to go out try and leave at least 1m between yourself and other people.

We at PRICE hope that you have a safe and healthy weekend!


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  1. Carmel Branston says
    Mar 19, 2020 at 12:55 PM

    I'm on sabbatical right now and one of my personal goals was to be more social and expand my network. At first I was annoyed that my vacations were cancelled and social distancing became a thing. But in an effort to find the positive, I see now that this is a great opportunity to improve my tech skills. This is the first time I've used Facebook for any real purpose. I'm having to move my courses online and that's a huge learning curve that can only help me in the future. Every cloud has a silver lining.

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