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How to Manage Your Stress in 5 Easy Breaths

Breathing is one of the most important and easy things we do every day, it’s so easy that we don’t even think about it.


We’re here to tell you that you should be thinking more about breathing!


Deep breathing has been used for centuries to improve physical, and mental health, as well as encourage better stress levels, more confidence, and happiness.


Watch this video to find out how you can achieve all of these benefits with 5 breaths in only 2 minutes a day.

I’ve always struggled with stress management and at one point it got so bad that it was starting to affect my sleep. My mind would race with all of the things I needed to accomplish and I was falling into a cycle of losing sleep, stressing out, then losing more sleep.


Now every night I take 2 minutes to perform these breathing exercises and I’ve never slept better. It’s amazing how calming those few breaths can be!


Try this out for yourself and see just how much of a difference it can make.

If you want help in learning how to apply this to your health and wellness just ask your therapist at your next appointment.


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