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How to Touch Your Toes With One Cool Trick

You may have never been able to touch your toes or maybe you’ve just lost the ability slowly over time. While you may have told yourself that you’ll never be that flexible, we know that you can!


Watch while Dr. Rob shows you one cool trick that will get you one step closer to touching your toes.


Tight hamstrings and posterior chain can impact your ability to move and can increase your risk of back pain and injury.


When you have tightness in these areas it could eventually lead to the inability to move into certain positions (like touching your toes) if you never ask your body to move like that. Remember, your body gets better at whatever you ask it to do!


One of the things we see as people get older and their posterior chain gets tighter, is they start to have a hard time putting on their socks. They just can’t quite stretch far enough to pull on a pair of socks without significant effort. This reverse toe touch exercise is a great way to improve your flexibility.


To get started you need to bend your knees and grab the bottoms of your feet or the back of your ankles if you’re having trouble getting down that far. Once you find this position, keep your back long and your abs engaged. Breathe deeply as you slowly lift your hips while continuing to grab your toes. When you can’t lift your hips any more, hold for at least five to eight breaths, then slowly stand back up. You can do this 3-5 times and then try to touch your toes again. You’ll be surprised that you can reach farther. With practice, you may experience improvements in back pain and less tension!


At PRICE we want to help you get out of pain but also to be able to move better and feel better!


If you have any questions about how to perform the reverse toe touch or other stretches let us know at your next appointment!


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