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If You Brush Your Teeth You Should Be Doing This Too

How often do you brush your teeth?


Most people will say once or twice a day. This is a daily habit we’ve formed to take care of our dental health and by proxy, our overall health.


Would you only brush your teeth when you start getting toothaches? Probably not. So why do we only go see our physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists when we start to fall apart?


Our bodies require a little maintenance to perform well!


There’s a reason that you brush your teeth every day and still go to the dentist, or you see your GP for checkups. You’re putting in the maintenance at home to prevent the buildup of small problems before they become big problems and then seeking additional help when you need it.


So how can you perform daily maintenance on your body?

  • Stretching
  • Foam Rolling
  • Lacrosse Ball Rolling


Doing these things for a few minutes daily can help you prevent small problems from becoming big problems for your body and health.


If you need help getting started for your stretching and maintenance routine, check in with one of our therapists!


They are experts in this stuff and will help you determine exactly what stretches and exercises you should be doing to best help YOU. They can get you on track with streamlined stretches and rolling so that it’s as easy to incorporate into your day as brushing your teeth.


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