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Lunging into Lunges

 Let’s LUNGE into the variations of lunges!

As a member here you have likely experienced or seen several version of lunges.

You might be thinking of these lunges:
Rear foot elevated
The good ole lunge matrix
Jumping lunges

the list goes on.

What I want to tell you about is how you can simply change the difficulty of the movement by simply holding the weight in a different position.
If you have done our group classes I am sure you have heard my schpeal of all the differences!

Lets start with the very basic but still super effective!

1. Bodyweight lunge
2. Goblet lunge, simple in the fact that the weight is centered and held in front of your chest
3. Low hang- this throws you off balance causing you to have to engage your core even more to stabilize.
Imagine if you were holding a weight with only one hand, it would want to pull you down but your core needs
to kick in more to keep you upright
4. Rack position- following the trend of what I just explained above this places the weight outside of your centre (midline) and above your core. You guessed it! Your core is working even harder now! Plus your shoulder needs the mobility  and stability to hold it up there.

5. Overhead! This is quite challenging since it requires adequate core strength, shoulder mobility to keep it straight up overhead and certainly stability is needed
Reverse Lunge
Take a moment to experiment with these and feel the difference!
Pretty amazing how a simple change of the weight position changes so much!


Kelli Wallace

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