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Meditation- A Tool to Help Your Everyday Life


I believe in meditation.

When I started doing yoga classes in high school and in my early 20s my favourite part was always the meditation at the end of class. Typically in a yoga class you start with breathing exercises and move through a series of postures and then end with 10-15 mins of laying on your back silently (meditation). This was always my favourite because really how often do we really just lay there, breathe and not think about a single stress in our life.
Almost never.

I loved this. It always made me feel calm and like I could handle the stresses of life better.
I always wanted to do it more but found it tough to take the time to do it.
As yoga classes became more normal in my routine it became easier and easier to take the time to meditate.

I used the app Headspace to get me started and keep me going. It sends me daily reminders to my phone which is super convenient.

I set time aside for up to 20 mins to just lay down and breathe. Truthfully most days I take
only a couple minutes. Sometimes it is first thing in the morning laying in bed I will take 10
deep breaths and purely focus on that. Sometimes it’s when I get into my car before I drive
I take a few deep breaths. It doesn’t have to be in the dark, on your back or sitting cross legged.
Just breathe.

Learning how to breathe it will help you in the gym.
-It can lower your blood pressure.
-You will breathe better during exercise.
-It will help you lose weight and stay in shape.

“The people who don’t think they have time for meditation are probably the ones who need it most.”



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