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Most Effective Way To Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

Tis the time of year when we all start to make resolutions for the new year.   We want to improve our health, call our mother’s more often and create all those habits we keep putting off.

We want to give you the tools to actually KEEP your new year’s resolution this year.

The secret? Is at the beginning in HOW you set your resolution.
Watch the video for the science of setting goals, the one thing that makes all the difference…..



  • make it specific and measurable so you KNOW exactly when you have achieved your goal
  • WRITE IT DOWN – simple yet powerful when it comes to achieving goals
  • Know WHY you want to achieve.  Create some emotion behind it.  Imagine how you would feel when you achieve the goal. And imagine how you would feel if you didn’t achieve the goal.   Emotion is what moves us!


Want help with your health?  We can help.  Our passion is improving lives through health and fitness!

Email at or call us at 519-885-5433


Happy 2020 from the entire PRICE team!


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