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Need Help Staying on Track Over the Holidays?

You know that feeling after the long weekends and holidays when you feel super stuffed, out of shape and regret eating that extra piece of pie…?

Let’s avoid it.

Christmas and holidays are known to be a time of events, parties and fun festivities! (which is awesome!)

But we all have goals and holidays can cause our clothes to feel a little tight, skip workouts and not feel our best. Don’t use Christmas as an excuse to overeat and fall off track.

Here are some tips of how to stay on track and have a great feeling when returning to the gym after all your Christmas get togethers!

I lost 5lbs over last Christmas…here how:

1. Drink tons of water! Cleanse your body and stay hydrated!

2. I kept up with my workouts, I am not letting events getting in the way of my training!  I went to the gym on Christmas day, it is the best gift I could give myself!  Some days I was traveling out of town but I always made it a point to either go to the gym or do a short intense workout at home. No excuses!

3. The thing that really made the huge difference with losing 5lbs was I did intense intermittent fasting for my week of crazy holiday parties. Therefore I would skip breakfast AND lunch. I would only eat dinner and dessert. I think for most people sweets are a tough thing to skip and since I knew I was going to want to indulge on dessert I chose to only eat in a 3-4 hour span eating window. By doing this I was in a 20 hour fat burning fasted state and this is how I lost 5lbs over Christmas while eating large meals and all the dessert I wanted.  Intermittent fasting can also be done with 6, 8, and even 10 hour windows if that is more realistic for you (the results are slightly less dramatic, however).

For any questions about at home workouts or Intermittent Fasting ask any of your Fitness Coaches!

Kelli Wallace

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