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Olympic Challenge


Are You Ready to Train Like an Olympian?

The Winter Olympics are an exciting and fun event. We have used them to inspire all of our group class exercises this month!!

You can look forward to training like a speed skater, learning the grace of figure skating and always a popular favourite – the power of a bobsledder!

We want to challenge you! February is a tough month with lots of snow, cold and very little daylight. This is the time of year that it is easy to let our New Year’s resolutions fall the way side and start to hibernate. We are not going to let that happen.

As part of our Olympic Challenge we are also going to be having a participation challenge. We want to see who can come the most in the month of February!! We will be keeping track of who comes in for workouts on the wall of the gym for everyone to see! There will be a Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal winner in the participation challenge! (ties will be decided by picking names out of a hat or a special workout competition)

The 3 Prizes:

4 tickets to the Toronto Rock Lacrosse Game in April

1 on 1 Training and Coaching Session with Dr. Rob

Isagenix Protein Prize Pack

(Gold medalist picks their prize first, Silver picks second etc)


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