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Only These 3 Things Cause Long Lasting Change

“How do I change my life?” if you’re asking this question we just might have the answer!

Watch Dr. Rob explain the 3 most important ingredients for long lasting change:

50-80% of our behaviour is made up of automated habits. So that means more than half of your days are spent doing things on auto-pilot.

This can be scary when you stop to think about it because your behaviour shapes so much of who you are, what your relationships look like, what your health looks like. So how can you change these automatic behaviours?

Here are our 3 tips to create long lasting change:

1. An Epiphany

These aren’t just laying around, you can’t create them or decide to have one. An epiphany is a light-switch moment that changes your perspective. A sudden loss or realizing you can no longer participate in an activity you once loved or a new opportunity are all possible scenarios that could change your life in an instant.

Like Dr. Rob mentioned they tend to come at extreme emotional highs or lows, so an epiphany can be an emotional rollercoaster BUT it tends to drive long lasting change. It gives you a reason WHY you want to change and that can be very motivating.

2. Changing Your Environment

All habits are queued by something. Have you ever accidentally finished a whole bag of chips or snacks just because it was sitting in front of you? That’s a habit driven behaviour, it’s automatic and you don’t have to think about it.

To change the behaviour you have to remove the cue, or create a new cue for a better habit. If you always eat the whole bag of snacks try pouring them into a small bowl or not keeping tempting snacks in the house. If you lay in bed on your phone too long at night or in the morning, move your charger outside of the bedroom or across the room.

Change your environment so it’s easy to ignore your old habits and easy to stick to your new habits.

3. Baby Steps

We are huge supporters of making changes in baby steps at Price Health. Making small, achievable goals is what’s going to drive long term change.

If you challenge yourself to get 10,000 steps every day this week, that’s achievable. Then when next week rolls around, try again.  If your goal is to eat healthier try making healthy dinners 4 nights a week instead of trying to change every single meal. Once that becomes a habit, add more healthy meals and so on. Small, sustainable changes are what add up to big goals. 

These principles are ones that Price Health & The FitClub use every day with our patients and clients so they can get results (and change their life) by changing their behaviour.


If you’re looking to change your life or just for some support and guidance so you can reach your goals, we have the tools to help! Our team specializes in getting you out of pain, helping you feel better, and have more energy.


The Fit Club and Price Health are open! So call or click at the top of the page to book an appointment or click HERE to learn more about our 21 Day Transformation Challenge.


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