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Our Favourite Shoulder Exercise Everyone Should be Doing


This video shows the crazy exercise that our clients made our Team do at our annual Charity Event that inspired this 2 minute tip ( it also includes the best exercise / solution to the problem).  Be sure to watch!


Shoulder pain is a very common problem.


It can affect everything from small things like reaching for your seat belt, to more important things like pouring your coffee in the morning.


It most commonly shows up when reaching over head or across your body as this is when the shoulder has it’s highest demands.


Pain at the front of the shoulder or on top of the shoulder that is pinch, sharp or stabbing with movement is usually from the rotator cuff muscle.


Even though the pain is coming from the rotator cuff muscle, the pain is usually the compensation NOT THE CAUSE.


The rotator cuff muscle is most commonly the victim of a dysfunctional SHOULDER BLADE.


When the shoulder blade is not moving properly or is not stable enough, it will place extra pressure on the rotator cuff to do extra work causing more pain.


So exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff muscle is not a bad solution, it is just an incomplete solution that does not address the root cause of the problem.


The pushup plus exercise in this video is our favourite exercises for improving shoulder blade mobility and stability to not only correct shoulder pain but most importantly to PREVENT it.


Doing the PUSHUP PLUS exercise regularly can BULLETPROOF your shoulders, improve posture and increase strength with pushing and pulling movements in your workouts!!


Give it a try!