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Our FAVOURITE Stretch to Get Rid of Mid Back Tightness

We often talk about low back pain and how common it is, but mid back pain is just as common!


It’s that dull ache or stiffness you feel in your mid back after sitting at a desk for hours at a time. Or maybe you’re always extra stiff in your mid back after a workout at the gym and can’t figure out why.


It could be lack of mobility!


Watch Dr. Rob show you one of my favourite stretches to help loosen up your mid-back so you can keep moving!


One of the reasons people experience chronic pain is because their body isn’t as mobile as it needs to be.


You might be thinking “hey, I can touch my toes, I have tons of mobility” but Flexibility ≠ Mobility.


You may be flexible but you may lack the control and strength needed to move through your full range of motion properly.


Some of this comes from stiffness and not moving certain areas of your body. The reason this stretch feels so good is because you’re moving your whole thoracic spine and motion is lotion! Your spine loves to move and is happiest when it’s not in one position too long.


Doing this stretch can help move and rotate all the segments of your spine that you might not be moving very often during the day.



How to do the Open Book Stretch:

  • Lay on your side with your knees at 90 degrees
  • Place your bottom hand on your top knee to make sure you’re not lifting that leg up.
  • Bring your top hand up and over to reach toward the floor behind you. Don’t worry if your hand doesn’t touch the floor, just let gravity take over.
  • You should feel a stretch along your chest and upper back. Take 3 deep breaths and then switch sides,
  • You really want to make sure that you’re only rotating though your mid back and not through your low back. This is the most common mistake we see with this exercise.


This stretch is going to loosen up your mid back and open up your chest and rib cage.


Some other ways to help reduce your mid back tightness include foam rolling, changing your posture frequently, and asking for help to improve your form at the gym!


This stretch is awesome to help relieve mid back tension but if you’re experiencing chronic tightness in this area come see one of our awesome therapists who can help manage and treat your pain and many other issues! Call to see us today!


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