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Our Favourite Total Body Exercise: Kettlebell Swings!

The kettlebell swing is one of the best exercises you can do for a total body workout. It can strengthen the gluts and get a cardio workout all at the same time.


This week’s tip will show you how to do it, avoid common mistakes and key coaching points we use with our clients.

After watching that video you might be thinking, “You mean I don’t use my arms to swing this thing?”.


Yes you hold the kettlebell with your hands (which are at the end of your arms) but if you’re doing it right all of the movement should be through your hips! Your arms are just along for the ride.


We broke down the complicated movement of the kettlebell swing down into 4 easy steps:


1. Stand tall with the kettlebell in both hands in front of you. Keep your grip tight and your hands loose. Brace your core while you bend your knees and shift your weight back over your heels.


2. Drive your hips forward to a standing position to send the weight upward. You want to really snap your hips forward and squeeze your core and glutes to maximize the power.


3. Let the weight do the work on it’s way down. Shift back on your heels into a hip hinge letting the weight swing between your legs.


4. When the weight starts to shift forward again drive your hips forward again to repeat the swing!
Have any questions? Let us know at your next visit.

We want to make sure you really get the swing of things!


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