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Rid Yourself of Wrist Pain!

Is the pain in your wrist becoming a pain in your butt?


Wrist pain is one of the most common complaints we see from people who work at a desk. This kind of pain can slow you down and interfere with your workday.


Watch Dr. Rob show you how he treats wrist pain!


This type of injury is typically an overuse or repetitive strain injury. We’re asking our wrists and hands to do the same motion over and over, sometimes in not-so-ideal positions.


Have you ever been to a fitness class where they ask you to put your arms out to the side and ‘pulse’ up and down? At first it seems easy-peasy, but 30 seconds in your shoulders are on fire, you’re begging for mercy, and you realize the instructor wants you to keep going for another minute and a half while you pray for a swift death.


This is essentially what you’re doing to your wrists if you’re typing away or clicking a mouse over and over, except its not 30 seconds….you’re asking your wrists to do this for up to 8 HOURS. No wonder they’re hurting!


While it may seem like just an occasional ache now, wrist pain can eventually develop into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or a muscle strain.


So next time you think “I have to send that one last email” or “I need to finish this report before lunch.” while pushing through wrist pain remember you may actually be hurting yourself more!


Your body uses pain as a way to say “HEY! I DON’T LIKE THAT!”. Finishing work may seem like a priority but, you need to listen to your body and give it a break.


Here are some ways you can help alleviate some of your wrist pain!


1. Take frequent breaks
Most doctors or ergonomic specialists will tell you to take at least 4 typing/mousing breaks per hour. So every 15 minutes take a quick break. stretch your wrists and close your eyes (they need a break from your screen too!).


2. Lean Back
It may be tempting to lean forward while you’re working at your computer, it takes some pressure off your wrists, neck, and back if you lean back in your chair. A good desk chair with lumbar support can help with this!


3. Support Your Forearms
We’ve talked about using forearm supports for shoulder pain, but it can also help with wrist pain! Hovering your arm all day increases the muscle activity and can lead to wrist pain.


4. Try a different mouse
Nowadays there are a million ergonomic options. If you’re using an older outdated mouse it could be contributing to your wrist pain. Most newer mice have ergonomic designs, some look more like an old-school video game joystick. Find one that works for you!

mousevertical mouse

5. See a practitioner!
While you know your body fairly well, sometimes an expert is what you need. A practitioner like a chiropractor, a physiotherapist, or a massage therapist can help find out what’s going on with your wrists and how best to treat it! Like Dr. Rob mentioned, your wrist may not be the problem; it could be coming from your forearm, elbow, or even your shoulder! The body does some funny things but these practitioners are great at finding out what’s going on. They can also give you advice on what ergonomic aids might help you the most.


So next time you get wrist pain remember;


Step away from the computer, give your wrists a break, and grab the lacrosse ball to roll them out!


Your wrists will thank you.



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