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Should You Be Doing This Exercise Daily?


In a perfect world we would all have active jobs that keep us from being hunched over a computer or a desk all day and we would have great shoulders.


Unfortunately that’s not the world we live in!


Many people spend their days sitting at a desk, in a car, and on a couch which can lead to tight shoulders that don’t move well!


This week’s 2 minute tip shows you one super easy exercise that can make a world of difference to your shoulders.



What’s making your shoulders tight?


If you don’t work at a desk job and you’re experiencing tight shoulders there could be lots of other culprits!


The way you exercise could be a contributing factor. Focusing on a lot of chest-heavy exercises at the gym and neglecting your upper back muscles can lead to tight shoulders that are rolled forward.


Also any time spend sitting is usually in a slightly hunched position which can contribute to shoulder immobility!



Stretching can suck, and why you should do it anyway.


Stretching sucks, it takes time and it can be uncomfortable. BUT! targeted stretching to your specific tight areas can be extremely beneficial. Increasing your mobility can reduce pain and help you complete tasks more easily.


Struggle with brushing the back of your hair? Or can never scratch that one spot in the middle of your back? Improving your mobility with something as simple as a Wall Angel can help you do those things! No more asking someone to scratch that spot for you!
How to do a Wall Angel:


1. Find a wall! preferably a larger roomy one without anything hanging nearby that you could hit


2. Stand with your back flat to the wall and bend your elbows at 90 degrees with your arms flat on the wall. Make sure your hips and head are touching the wall, no cheating!


3. Start straightening your arms slowly over your head without letting your arms head, or hips leave the wall.


4. Slowly slide them back down and repeat!



Try this at home and see how much higher you can reach after!



Our shoulders are one of the most complicated joints in our body and a lot can go wrong or be causing pain.


Come in and talk to one of our amazing practitioners to get personalized advice for your shoulders!


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